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JOB: Product Design Roles

Fulltime, NYC-based PRODUCT DESIGN ROLES at healthcare, lifestyle and fitness companies!All fulltime + will be based in NYC post-Covid.
TO APPLY, email your resume + portfolio + approx salary range
***Up to a $1,000 referral bonus for the longterm placement of your referrals – please tell a friend!**

**hottest role**Senior Product Designer (full stack; UX leaning) for a female-founded mental healthcare startup that just scored an impressive $75MM+ Series B. Great time to get your foot in the door and help build something amazing that truly helps people!
Midlevel Product Designer (full stack; Visual UI leaning) for a female-founded, Series B mental healthcare startup – same company as above
Lead Product Designer (full stack; UX or Visual UI leaning) for a hearing health startup with leaders from Amazon, Lyft, Facebook and 1stdibs, a killer Head/Design who’s also a CoFounder. .
Midlevel Product Designer (Visual UI leaning) for a hearing health startup – same company as above
Famous fitness tech company with ~$1B in funding is seeking consumer-facing designers with big brand names in their backgrounds and gorgeous books. They’re seeking:Sr UX Designers UI Designers

Thanks so much!Joanne

Joanne Weaver

President @ The Joanne Weaver Group

UX / Product Design Recruitment


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