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CALL: frame:works new talent 2022

frame:work is excited to announce the launch of our student talent drive for Spring ‘22. Last spring we initiated the  frame:work New Talent List which featured eighteen recent graduates and current students from four university programs.  This year we are looking to expand our university reach, enlarge the student list, and launch get:a:job:con – a virtual job  fair event.  

frame:work is uniquely positioned to introduce students to employers and freelance contractors in the fields of virtual  production, XR and video content design. Work in the business of live entertainment and creative installations is full of  opportunity and new horizons. We represent a community of designers, creative technologists, producers and engineers in  a variety of applications for broadcast tv, film, theater, concert touring, permanent installations, and more. We look for  sharp, self-motivated students from a variety of academic backgrounds who have experience with: 

  • Real-Time Content Creation: Unity, Unreal, Notch 
  • Content Creation: After Effects 
  • 3D Modeling: Cinema4D, Blender & StudioMax 
  • 3D Drafting: Vectorworks, SketchUp & AutoCAD 
  • Producing and Project Management 
  • Creative Coding: Processing/C# & Traditional Coding: C+, Java & Python 
  • Programming Media Servers & VP Platforms: disguise, TouchDesigner, Pixotope and others ● Technical Production and programming Skills – GrandMA, Artnet, Networking, Camera Tracking ● Creativity, Collaboration and innovative use of technology to tell story 

During the fall ‘21 semester we will engage with our university partners in preparation for launching student submissions in  early January. Students who have been successful in the past have come from theatre programs, emerging media  programs, animation and game design programs. If you feel you have students who might be interested, but are unsure if  this path is applicable/too technical, we are available to you to discuss this program and answer any questions you may  have. frame:work will host an online student gathering in late January to discuss the submission process and the different  types of career paths that exist in our field.  

Please indicate your interest in informing your students of our program by replying to this email. You can read more about  frame:work and our mission here. We look forward to supporting your students and your program! 

Ben, Sharon, TJ & Laura 

Ben Nicholson 

Miami University 

Assistant Lecturer 

TJ Donoghue 

UNCSA Kenan Institute for the Arts Board Member 

Sharon Huizinga 

University of Cincinnati: College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) Head, MFA Lighting program 

Laura Frank 

Founder, frame:work