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Random sensor Inquiry from Brooklyn Grange

Small possible paying opportunity:

I did some work with ITP through Brooklyn Grange some years back, and enjoyed visiting to see all of the action in the lab.  We have a small challenge and I thought of you all, and all the work that was going on with arduinos, etc.

In our hydroponics farming operations, we are looking for a sensor which we can hook up to a tank, which detects when the tank drops below a certain level.  Rather than just playing a sound (they make these), we are hoping that it can ping some alarm via the web, and potentially to an app.  We do have a wifi connection available in the location.
I just thought I’d write to see if this is an interesting partnership, or even better, if one of the students has already designed something like this!
Thanks!!  If this email is interesting to you, I am available to email or speak anytime.


Ben Flanner
Co-founder, CEO
Brooklyn Grange