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CALL: HOPE conference 22-24 July in Queens

Mitch Altman is an organizer for HOPE (Hackers On Planet Earth), which happens every
two years in NYC.  This year the conference is called A New HOPE, and is
happening 22-24 July at St. John’s University in Queens.
There will be about 150 talks, about 50 workshops, lots of art, music, food, plenty of
Mate.  There will also be a Village area, with lots of interesting
groups doing self-organized activities and demos.  HOPE is a really fun
and educational event with a great community.

If any ITP/IMA students are interested in attending, HOPE
could work out a student group price.  They could have a
table in our Village area.

Also, if anyone would like to give a talk or a workshop,
you are totally welcome to submit a proposal.  All people with an
accepted proposal get a free ticket.

For questions or to talk about group discounts, contact Mitch Altman  <>