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CALL: Web developer job for poetry digital humanities archival project

Dear ITP/IMA at NYU-Tisch,
The HOW(ever) and How2 Digital Archive Project, directed by Dr. Judith Goldman at the University at Buffalo, is working to create a comprehensive digital archive of the experimental feminist literary journal HOW(ever) and the affiliated digital journal How2. How2 was an early online-only journal with an interest in digital art, which makes it an interesting and challenging project to archive. Our project will take over hosting of the digital archive currently hosted by ASU, while building on its existing materials, updating its capabilities, and repairing technical issues (
We have grant funding to create a website and are looking for a web developer to do the work. Those interested in applying should contact Katie Naughton ( to receive a copy of the Request for Proposals document that details the project’s needs. Proposals are due to by 4/29/22. We would be delighted if you would share this invitation with faculyt, graduate students, and alumni within your community.
Katie Naughton

PhD Candidate

Poetics Program, English Department, University at Buffalo

Editor and Project Coordinator at the HOW(ever) and How2 Digital Archive Project