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JOB: The LaGuardia Studio at NYU, full-time senior staff position

The LaGuardia Studio at NYU, IT is hiring for a full-time senior staff position. You can find all the information on the job posting here.

Senior Advanced Media Specialist

Position Summary

The LaGuardia Studio (LGS) is a full-service Additive Manufacturing and 3D digitization facility that features a wide range of commercial 3D technologies and production materials with a dedicated full-time support staff. This position will be part of a talented team that facilitates professional service work in DMLS, FDM, SLA, PolyJet, and Multi-Fusion Jet printing, in addition to 3D scanning and immersive AR/VR production related to the LGS 3D services.

The LaGuardia Studio provides an advanced 3D service portfolio with extensive 3D content and project design development support for New York University researchers, faculty, students and staff on projects that span a vast range of study including scientific research, biomedical, engineering, entrepreneurial, and arts and science scholarly work.