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JOB: VR Rollercoaster

We (our client actually) has a VR Rollercoaster that has been minor-ly scavenged for parts, but is in perfectly good enough shape to be restored to functionality. In fact there is also a second identical fully functional VR roller coaster, so, this will make the job a lot easier! We need a talented troubleshooter who has direct experience and/or at least familiarity with working on equipment that has heavy duty computer controlled NEMA stepper motors, heavy duty hydraulics, and related things. Voltage control troubleshooting is likely involved. There is an API and a high-level interface for this system. The work is to
(1) troubleshoot, assess costs for complete repair (find needed parts, and figure out rough budget etc…. as much as can be done in a first pass assessment),
(2) get the machine running once we get the go ahead based on the assessed cost. (Note that the tech we hire for this job will not need to do the full budget, but will need to provide as much info as possible and do research around finding parts, hardware, electronics boards / components, etc, as needed.
pay rate will be based on your level of experience — we have a generous-enough fixed budget for this, but, you’ll have to work within that.
If interested, pls send resume and/or linkedIn link  and/or website URL(s) along with a brief statement about your directly related experience to
Pls put “VR Roller Coaster tech – that’s me! [fname, lname]” in the email subject line.
timing: kickoff in the next 3-4wks, ideally… but will wait for the right candidate to be available.