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JOB: Escape Room Support Technician and Developer

Escape the Room is looking for a Support/Developer to take on technical support for our escape rooms. Looking to start ASAP.

The majority of the work will be learning, maintaining, and fixing systems in a number of escape rooms across the country. The technology that runs these systems has already been developed and is listed in the requirements below.

This job consists of on-call work supporting technology in escape rooms with non-traditional hours, and has a workload that will vary from week to week. The Support/Developer is expected to travel for installs, and this travel time may be up to 20% of their workload. Long term this would grow into designing and building new escape rooms.


·  An extensive understanding of the following tools:

o Git

o Unity

o Python

o Arduino

o C/C++/C#

·  A general level of understanding of the following tools:

o ssh, scp, and FTP

o Bash and Batch scripting

o Socket Programming

o Network Architecture-


§ Routers and Switches

§ WiFi

·  Experience with basic scripting in Windows and Linux

·  Experience working in Windows

·  Experience working in Linux

·  Experience working with Raspberry Pi

·  Experience with basic electronics and electronic troubleshooting

·  Ability to clearly document problems and solutions

·  Patience when walking non-technical people through technical tasks

·  Willingness to learn:

o Networking with our in-house IoT platform

o Design patterns in Escape Room Software


The first several weeks will include training that will cover:

·  Escape Room Game Architecture

·  Socket Networking and System Design

·  Unity architecture and troubleshooting practices

·  Supporting Raspberry Pi through SSH and WiringPi

·  Common Control Hardware

o MAME Board

o Arduino

o Raspberry Pi

o Mini (Windows) Computers

·  Common Escape Room Hardware

o  Maglocks

o  Relays

o  Reed Switches

o  Linear Actuators

o  RFID Readers and Writers

o  Other sensors

During the training period, the Support/Developer will be expected to keep regular office hours in a suitable home office.


Interested applicants should contact Victor Blake:

Additionally, applicants can also personally contact Mark Matamoros (ITP ’21) for any technical inquiries: