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JOB: Part-Time Lecturer in Interactive Media Arts New York University: NYU – Global: NYU Berlin

Part-Time Lecturer in Interactive Media Arts
New York University: NYU – Global: NYU Berlin

Berlin, Germany
Open Date
Nov 15, 2023

Dec 01, 2023 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time
New York University (NYU) Berlin is seeking a part-time lecturer for a course entitled “Topics in Media Art: Transmedia Storytelling” for undergraduate students for the Spring 2024 semester (January 22 to May 10, 2024).

The course aims to introduce students to new technologies and methods for creating and distributing accessible content and participatory media. Traditional media are in a time of transition, continuously being pushed in new directions by the increasing ease of producing compelling material, and by the interactive and social nature of the internet. Social networks and online distribution platforms have given rise to an audience that is eager to engage with and participate in the creation of media. Students may approach this online course as a compliment to any traditional media-focused class where the students have an interest in engaging with online audiences at all stages – production, distribution. Through the course, students develop an understanding of transmedia and participatory media, learn to think critically about the role of networks (both social and computer networks) in storytelling, and learn how to leverage new technologies for engaging with an audience in the production and distribution of media.

The course is taught entirely online and in English. It meets biweekly for seven sessions of three hours each. Classes will be a mixture of lecture, discussion, hands-on tutorials, homework review, presentations, and group work. Students join from NYU’s Berlin, Accra, Tel Aviv, and other campuses.