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Re: [JOB] part-time interactive designer

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ooh, time for the annual Bala Protest video posting:

On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 1:31 PM, Jeff Gray <> wrote:
Well "stark r=
aving mad" implies random, yet consistent fits of nude lunacy, or so I&=
#39;ve heard. See "Bala Protests This" (starring Bala Natarajan) f=
or more details.

But without the stark, its anyone's guess.


Henry Harvey wrote:

What exactly does "raving lunatic" mean?

Could be an ADA problem.

Jeff Galusha wrote:

Omnigon is a new manhattan based interactive / software design company. We =
are looking for a part-time interactive designer who "gets it," is=
dependable, articulate, and not a raving lunatic.

Skill Set:

=B7         Adobe CS3 Creative Suite

=B7         Flash Design

=B7         Working knowledge of HTML and CSS

=B7         Flash Action Script a plus

 20 – 30 hours a week, with rate based on experience.

 Send your resume and portfolio link(s)  to <mailto:igor.ulis@omnigon.=

  —” target=3D”_blank”>” target=3D”_blank”>leave-93=” target=3D”_blank”>” target=3D”_blank”>leave-93=” target=3D”_blank”>” target=3D”_blank”>leave-93=