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JOB: Kickstartr, technical development

>> Kickstartr is a forthcoming website that enables anyone to raise
>> money for any project directly from the public in a new and
>> powerful way. Kickstartr attempts to provide an elegant solution
>> to the question: “How do I fund this project?”
>> Kickstartr itself is seed-funded by several great folks in the
>> media/arts who support our approach (including actor/comedian
>> David Cross, and Chris Kaskie, the publisher of the indie-music
>> bible Pitchfork Media).
>> I asked Tom Igoe to circulate this note because we are now looking
>> for a remarkable partner (or employee, or contractor) to help lead
>> (or join) the technical development of Kickstartr. Someone who
>> can bring a proven skill-set that compliments our experience in
>> product dev (design, user experience and information architecture)
>> and business.
>> This is a great opportunity to be involved at the ground floor of
>> an exciting project. And it’s also a great chance to work with a
>> small and efficient team, and a stellar network of advisers and
>> supporters.
>> Some details of the general description/requirements are here:
>> Any interest in this opportunity?
>> Otherwise intrigued by Kickstartr for any other reason?
>> Happy to hear it! Please drop me a line at the email below.
>> Thanks for reading, and please forward this note along.
>> Perry Chen
>> 504-261-8237