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JOB: NYC: 3 Information Architects for global, casual (!) investment research firm, UX recruiter (JWG)

> Privately-held firm specializing in knowledge management is looking
> for THREE midlevel IAs with 3+ years experience. Work with BIG
> BRAINS in a bustling environment filled with subject matter experts
> (ie, former CEOs of hedge funds and other heavy hitters in the
> government, insurance, financial services, etc arenas).
> I hear through the grapevine that anyone who interviews here
> *really* likes this company and has high hopes that they’ll get
> hired. You’d interview in a suit/corporate clothes but once “in”,
> it’s a very casual, laid back environment. They tend to like folks
> who have stayed in their previous roles awhile; they dislike
> “jumpiness” on a resume….so if you’re interested but you’ve
> jumped around a bit, please be prepared to explain why. They love
> long-goal oriented people.
> Been around since ’98, employs ~500 people globally: NYC, Boston,
> DC, Chicago, Austin, SF, LA, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai,
> Tokyo, and India.
> The role:
> We are looking for a highly organized, proactive Information
> Architect with solid experience in IA development, product
> requirements analysis, UI documentation, prototyping and testing.
> The Information Architect will report directly to the Design
> Director and will work on public facing, intranet and extranet Web
> applications. A strong ability to work with multiple business
> owners and on multiple projects is a must.
> The Information Architect will: