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Re: INTERN: self taught java/iPhone coder and self taught web coder for CUTLASS

in agreement with all three, tymm mitch and andy.

I think mitch’s catch of the ‘self taught’ is the most revealing,
since that might be an implicit reveal that he’s aware of the low
ball. however, I will say this. there is more than one path to
creative compensation for a project that is relevant and interesting.
Depending on Steve Bull’s experience with software marketing and
development, you could ask for gross percentage points after all
development costs have been covered ( movie biz style). You could
require your name to be listed on the app page in the iphone store.
You could ask him to explore his contact list vigorously and reccomend
you wholeheartedly to his colleagues upon delivery of promised

point being, low compensation for an interesting job in a reasonable
business environment (read non greedy nor short sighted) is just a
starting point for a good healthy negotiation that’ll make everyone


On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 5:01 PM, C. Anderson Miller
> Maybe the “completion bonus” is enough to bring it up to a reasonable
> amount.
> But yeah, oof is right.
> On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 4:50 PM, Tymm Twillman wrote:
>> oof… doesn’t working in teh cafeteria pay more than $15/hour? (i still
>> appreciate Midori posting these things to the list, but this is really,
>> really low-balling…)
>> On Sep 3, 2008, at 12:30 PM, Midori Yasuda wrote:
>>> From ITP Alum, Steve Bull
>>> I need a self taught web coder and multi-talented individual to get
>>> ready for fall delivery on GPS
>>> platform for iPhone deployment. This job involves continued development and
>>> updating of MySQL, PHP and JIN pages, adding GPS tags to db, re-sizing and
>>> optimizing images in Photoshop and beefing up the number of movie locations
>>> sites to 100+. I need a commitment of 10 hours/week and willing to increase
>>> load to 20 hours/week. Some of their work could be off site if convenient
>>> for the intern. If reasonable I offer $15/hr plus bonus on completion of
>>> project.
>>> ————–
>>> I need a self taught java/iPhone coder and multi-talented individual to
>>> get projects Fookie [ ] and aZza [
>>> ] onto the iPhone. Fookie is already in distribution
>>> on Verizon wireless and I want a stand alone version for download by iPhone
>>> users. aZza was originally written by me in Java j2me and I want to make
>>> this available on the iPhone. The intern would take existing code and
>>> assets, re-code, and make them ready for distribution on the iPhone. I
>>> imagine a commitment of ~10 hours/week would suffice and if reasonable I
>>> offer $15/hr plus bonus on completion of each project.
>>> Steve
>>> Steve Bull
>>> 917-912-4132
>>> —
>> —
> —

John Dimatos, c/o Epimetheus
ph. 917.650.5683