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A little bit of job love

From a friend, don’t know much about the project:

web designer sought — NYC (remote work a possibility)
Posted by: “Kyle Smith”
Date: Fri Sep 5, 2008 6:56 am ((PDT))

We are seeking a forward-thinking, visionary web designer or web
design firm to collaborate with our company. This is potentially a
high-visibility, heavy growth project.

Do you know such a person? Alternatively, could you share your wisdom
on finding great web designers?

We have a long and solid background in print editorial, and our new
start-up venture aims to re-imagine content experiences on the web. We
have the programmers and the concept, but we need a great web designer
to flesh out and execute the visual side of our dream. Lots of room
for creativity on the part of the designer.

We are based in New York, but would consider working with more distant
people if the fit is good.

Thank you for your help!