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Small video editing job

Hi List,
I have a small editing job that needs to be done over the next week.
Our company makes cell-phone controlled interactive screens, and we
try to make a demo video for some of our installations. We recently
had a screen at the 76er’s stadium in Philly and none of us have time
to edit the video. The assignment is: take 30 minutes of DV and
create a one-ish minute video that showcases the screen and people’s
interaction with the screen.

We’ve done a few of these already, so there’s an established template
that you can use for guidance. You can check out other videos here:

This could all be done in Final Cut but a little After Effects polish
wouldn’t hurt. I think that this is about 1-2 days of work. We can
make it worth your while.

Contact me off list if your are interested and available. I want to
do a flat rate, so make me a bid.

Chris Kairalla