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Fwd: Job: Jelly freelance programmer

> Dear ITP,
> Kunal and I are looking for an extra programmer on some of our
> freelance work, in particular for the New Amsterdam Records label
> website ( The projects will all
> run on our new Jelly software.
> Pay is $30/hour for intermittent work, sometimes located at Mercer/
> 8th St.
> Web development experience necessary.
> Because of the unreleased nature of Jelly, we will also provide
> personal teaching for the system and language (unfortunately not
> paid time). If you’re looking to get started with Jelly in the near
> future, this might be a good way to learn it with us directly and
> become the first commercial Jelly programmer in the world. Smile.
> Please reply ( off-list if interested.
> Best,
> Tristan
> –