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Fwd: Job: Teaching Film in NYC

From: Austin Haeberl=
e <
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 14:12:31 -0400To: Listen Up! &=
Subject: Teaching Film in NYC

Heads up…a dedicated film student is maki=
ng a desperate plea for a film instructor at the High School of Art and Desi=
gn.  She writes:

Hi. How are you? I’m writing to ask you a favor=
, recently my film teacher at the High School of Art and Design went back to=
school leaving us without a teacher. The Dean of art is looking for a repla=
cement but if she cant find one she is going to elimante the film program. S=
o I wanted to know if you know anybody with film experience who is willing t=
o teach? If not I will apperciate it if you speard the word around. Thank yo=
u for your time.

PS- If any one is interested tell them they can emai=
l me at
 or call The dean of Arts, Ms Reingold at 212-752-4340 ext.403=


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