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[JOB] Flash Game Developers, Project Manager | MegaPhone

MegaPhone ( is hiring!

We’re a company making an Out of Home media gaming platform, where players can use a regular phone call from their cell phones to control games on big public displays.

Our platform powers projects from a sing-into-your-phone-karaoke app that travels with a projection van, to multi-player games in Times Square .

… has launched projects in throughout the US and worldwide
… is profitable and well funded
… is growing rapidly

Our founders are ITP alums, and we’re looking for good people that our friends can vouch for. There’s a referral bonus too!

Flash Game Designers and Developers

Job Description: Making Flash games on the MegaPhone platform. This could be a battle game for 20 players or a sports trivia game for 2000. It might involve physics, graphical effects, database interaction, and sending and receiving SMS/MMS. Creatively, we’re looking for someone who has passion and skill for designing simple fun games. This isn’t Xbox, but game design and development has a lot more variables in it than making a corporate microsite. Technically we’re looking for someone who can work on existing code, and make code that others can extend. Your games will be templates for future games, and components you build will be used across games.

Location: Manhattan, New York (unless you’re a proven remote worker by someone we know)

– solid ActionScript 3 experience
– good OOP practices, flexible/reusable code
– some design experience is nice, but mostly this is for coders
– bonus for good use of physics engines, particle/bitmap effects, and 3D

Why you want to work with us: You get to design games that run in front of thousands of people! Part of this role is proposing game ideas, developing prototypes, and testing them. If you come up with something fun, it goes live!

Project Manager

Job Description: Manage MegaPhone projects, from coordination with the sales team, through design and development, all the way to deployment. This can include making estimates and helping with pitches, to overseeing graphic design and animation, to coordinating with internal and external developers, to reporting and billing clients. From a management side, you’ll need to have some experience similar to being a PM in an ad agency, including how to shepherd multiple simultaneous projects through all of their phases. Simple communication, great note taking, and detailed task list management are the name of the game. From the tech side, you’ll need to have done some programming in the past, even if you don’t now. From a creative side, you’ll need to have a passion for interactivity, and be able to stay on top of all the branching paths and states of games in your head.

Location: Manhattan, New York

– have programmed by hand in a graphical environment in the last 4 years (Flash, Javascript, Processing, Java, .Net, Director, whatever, as long as it had a GUI)
– have interacted with databases using server-side code in the last 4 years (ITP’s DWD class is perfect)
– have managed projects before, or have equivalent experience

Why you want to work with us: You get to play an integral role, and with the right performance, you can end up managing the whole division.

Salaries for both are competitive based on experience and performance, including a stock plan for key early employees.

Please send portfolios and resumes to:
Jury Hahn