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JOB: User Interface Designer for MIT startup

>> Opening: User Interface Designer for MIT startup
>> Have you considered helping out a rapidly growing tech startup to
>> gain experience and learn how new ideas become businesses? Have
>> you ever wanted to help implement an idea that could change the
>> day-to-day lives of millions of people? Do you enjoy working with
>> small,highly motivated teams to accomplish ambitious but realistic
>> goals? If so,
>> you may be interested in partnering with our team.
>> We are E la Carte, a team of MIT alum and graduate students,
>> designing smart touchscreen devices that will transform the dining
>> experience for both restaurant managers and customers. We’ve built
>> a prototype and are beginning pilot testing near MIT in Boston.
>> We need your help because our customers are so excited about our
>> product
>> that they can’t wait for us to develop even more innovative
>> features for it,
>> and our current team is struggling to deal with the demand. Your
>> work will
>> have immediate impact, and you will have the opportunity to shape
>> a fledging
>> technology into a high-quality everyday product.
>> You have experience with Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3, along
>> with prior experience designing user interfaces. You have a
>> passion for consumer devices
>> such as cell phones, PMPs, etc. You like working in teams but
>> like to take
>> initiative as well.
>> Full-time or part-time positions available
>> Great employees may be asked to become Co-founders in the company
>> Email resumes or send questions to Rajat Suri at