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Art/media/other job lists

Art/media/other job lists

ey kids. My contract (with the UN) is ending in December, so I thought I&#82=
17;d start the next gig search now.

Aside from Idealist, Craigslist, Reliefweb, and Mediabistro (and Journalism=
Jobs etc etc), what job site(s) do you all recommend for jobs relating to a=
ll kinds of media/arts and possibly some humanitarian/human rights stuff?

Does anyone know of listservs dedicated to this kind of thing?

Given that jobs are mostly found through friends and your network, are ther=
e any of these kinds of lists around? [and if not, someone should set up a j=
ob sight called “the inside track” with job listings that come d=
irectly from people on the inside of the co’s etc etc!]