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Re: [looking] part-time job

Hey Sara,

There are definitely low-key work-study jobs around the university –
I’d walk in to the Wasserman center (2nd floor at the Palladium, 13th
st. entrance). They’ll have you fill out a form or two to get you in
the system, then you’ll get online access to job listings. Pretty
painless, just get on it fast since there’s definitely less openings
for the Spring than for Fall . . .

Another really good option is to sign up for list-servs in other
departments via NYU home – they all get midori-style emails and you
might find a nice arrangement assisting someone on your own time –
last year I got paid really well to search for old newspaper articles
on online databases for a woman writing a book, really simple stuff,
low-stress, and no paperwork . . .


On Jan 5, 2009, at 12:10 PM, Sara Bremen wrote:

> Hey guys,
> I was wondering if you all had some advice about part-time work for
> the spring.
> I’m looking for something very low-key (coffee shop style, even),
> just a couple of days a week (12-16 hours total). I would be down
> for media-related work, but low-stress is pretty key. Does anyone
> do work-study in places other than the ER? Is anyone’s super hip,
> super well-paying pastry shop hiring?
> Thanks for any thoughts/ideas/advice.
> xoxo
> Sara
> —