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This job was sent to me. =A0I know nothing, just passing it along — good l=



You are receiving this e-mail on account of registering with TTS in th=
e past few years.=A0 I am not sure if you would be a good fit or not. I noti=
ced on your resume some similarities.=A0 Please read the job description bel=


Our client is a premier interactive strategy, design, and de=
velopment agency. Their clients include Citi, Pepperidge Farm, Steiner Sport=
s, Kaplan, Virgin Mobile and the USO.

They=A0 are looking for a strategist for=
their growing strategy division. This person will work closely with clients=
, customers and internal teams to understand clients=92 business needs and f=
orge ideas and directives for short- and long-term success.


The ideal candidate will balance a passion for research with an a=
bility to think big and small on business and end-user issues. The strategis=
t will gather business requirements, perform primary and secondary research,=
analyze data, propose solutions and programs in writing, and ensure that th=
e final product successfully meets project goals.


=A0Work with strategy and project management teams to=
translate proposals/service agreement into definable business objectives an=
d project goals

Define a project=92s overall vision and =
strategic positioning=A0

Lead the =
discovery process of new engagements, including stakeholder interviews and i=
ndependent research=A0

Perform analysis of transaction and user da=
ta; identify trends, problem areas, new ideas and opportunities=A0
Monitor project arcs to ensure completed wo=
rk accomplishes strategic goals=A0

Define success metrics and assist in creati=
ng client recommendations=A0

cipate and support in delivering results and presentations=A0

Plan, execute, and analyze online surveys and mu=
ltivariate testing=A0
Research and write business whitepapers and=
blog entries on trends and strategies



At least three years in a strategic role, preferably with ecommerce ex=

Experience leading clien=
t meetings and requirements gathering sessions (stakeholder interviews, usab=
ility interviews, etc.)

=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Familiarity =
with multiple web traffic apps and ability to interpret analytics


=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Able to convi=
ncingly present ideas to third parties

=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Ability to i=
dentify both big-picture and detail-level problems and solutions

=A0 Excellent oral and written communicati=
on skills a must=A0

=A0 Bachelor=92s degree in a related field=A0
=B7=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0=A0 Com=
fortable in a collaborative, fast-paced work environment


This is an on-site position at an award-=
winning company with a passion for smart design and fulfilling user experien=
ces. Ai is located in the Flatiron district of Manhattan, in a bright, cheer=
ful office complete with game room and dog.

If you are interested, please forward yo=
ur resume along with some bullet points on why you would be good for this jo=

Finally,=A0 what is desired =

Dan DeHaas | Manager of Multimedia Recru=
TTS Personnel, Inc.=A0
60 East 42nd Street Suite 858, New =
York, NY 10165
212-687-9001 office | 212-983-7134 fax=A0|

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