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JOB: patient managment inquiry or job 2 dev software or alter a existing software to organize patients numerically

Paul a heart surgeon/MD professor that I known for 20 years (employed by the #1 rated university hospital for the last yrs in NJ – last 3 yrs) made a trip to the city on Friday to ask me if there was a software out there that could help him organize his patients files – basically he is inundated by patients, communications and doing surgeries so he is trying to find something that will really help streamline this so he can do the best job possible- He seriously took about 15 to 20 txts during our 45 min conversation.

Paul was as well in Haiti last month (where he had to conduct 7 to 8 surgeries a day by candle light etc) this month is returning to Haiti on the 27th, being honored civic ally in NYC for his service work in Haiti and the subject of an NBC documentary (for an American doctor that is doing such). So he is a very cool person that deeply cares about patients and helping others.

*mainly he wants to be able to have his patients organized in numbers so he can access it and pull up there files and stream through them easily.
*software has the ability to move quickly back and forth between image information and input so he can glean all information needed and quickly.
*the number of patients probably less than 1000 but the individual files are 200 to 300 per. patient
*i think allot of the information is already digital so there just needs to be a way to easily import files.
*a software that could integrate communications
*a user friendly interface – super simple he is savvy but doest want to waste time
*and any other amazing things you can think of to help him do what he does more efficiently.

Paul is already paying a programmer to build the files but to me it sounds like the guy doesn’t know what he is doing and its such important information that he is designing for Paul is worried it wont be up to par etc.

anyone have any ideas? as well if you are interested in working on dev. something or you know of something that you think you might be able to retrofit to work for this application email me directly and I will send you all of Paul’s contact information.
[ p. 718.361.2381 | c. 646.660.4946 ]