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JOB: Opp w/Fractured Atlas – PHP Whiz.

Lead Developer – PHP

I’m happy to announce that we are adding a new position to the Fractured Atlas team, a PHP Developer.

All of our programs, services, and back-office operations are managed through a sprawling system of custom-built code (almost all PHP) that automates processes and integrates databases. We=92re looking for someone to take over maintenance of the existing code base and assume responsibility for new development.
Almost all of our software deals with business logic that is highly specific to Fractured Atlas. We are not writing generic CMS stuff; we are writing software that, say, manages and automates the entire lifecycle of an insurance policy application and purchase. For that reason, we need someone who has a broad enough perspective and knowledge base to develop a deep understanding of all of those business processes and organizational needs.

If you are interested and think you have the chops for the gig, check out the official job description…


Stephanie Pereira
education coordinator

540 W. 21st Street
New York, NY  10011
T: 212.937.6580 x247
F: 212.937.6582