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JOB: Mobile Application Developer Job from Fuzz Productions

Developer Job Description:

If they are interested, send your application to Aram Chang (¬† he’s an ITP alum.

Fuzz Production is seeking a Developer to join their team.
In addition to knowledge of iPhone / iPad  and / or Android programming, the ideal candidate should show a strong background in object-oriented programming.
The desire to create applications for all platforms of the emerging mobile market is a must.
Solid time management, communication, and multi-tasking tools are a must.

Code examples or the actual app(s) example in the app store/marketplace tends to be how we examine the candidates.

Personal / Team Skills

* You are able to think creatively and brainstorm with our team to find original and ground-breaking approaches to crafting great software.

* You have a portfolio of projects you can demonstrate.

* You are able to communicate clearly, and keep us informed of progress, keeping to schedules and deadlines.

* You are comfortable working under tight schedules and handle pressure well.

* You have excellent coding habits, documenting and commenting clearly so that others can understand your work.

* You are familiar with working in a small team and sharing code using version control.

* You have an eye for detail and well-honed bug-hunting skills.