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JOB: Engineer – electronics/electrical production, engineering & manufacturing, All Power Labs

ALL Power Labs / GEK Gasifier is looking for a contract engineer to bring process control electronics and related wiring to a ready-to-manufacture state.  These electronics relate to a sensing and automation system for a small-scale biomass gasification alt energy generator.  More information on the product is here:

This contract needs to start the week of 2/21/11.  It is likely a month gig.  Pay is negotiable and related to your abilities.

Here’re the details:

We long ago optimized the micro processor board, as well as the enclosure which houses all the associated power components and wire landing.  See here: We’re now facing a large wiring harness and wire connection problem. Making all this by hand in house is no longer possible.  We can’t make them fast enough or with adequate efficiency.  We need the wiring harness design to be optimized for manufacturability and out-of-house production initiated quickly.

This is not a raw electrical engineering or prototyping job.  It is not DIY hacking to make a one off work.  What is needed is someone with expertise and experience in electronics/electrical manufacturing to optimize the design, finalize the bill of materials, and coordinate the initial out-of-house production run.  This will surely involve some new engineering work once we see the optimized path of manufacture, but please do not agree to do this if you do not also have experience in sourcing and operations.

The ideal candidate will have some experience in the automotive industry working with OBD control systems and related wiring harnesses.  Experience with ruggedizing electronics is core.  Other types of design for manufacturing experience in electronics could be equally relevant.  Familiarity with CANbus architectures a plus too.

You need to be able to self-organize and manage the process.  We need an owner for this problem, one that doesn’t require another dedicated manager to keep on track.  If you do well, there will be much more in the future.

Project Phases:

– The first phase of the project involves documenting the current wiring in schematic and physical form (wire lengths, parts, etc).

– We then want to conduct a design review to ensure robustness and ease of assembly of the current system.

– After any modifications to the design are made, we want to work with an assembly house to build these in small (10s) quantities.

Specific Talents requested:

– Knowledge of ruggedized wiring best practice

– Use of Eagle for schematic layout

– Development of BOMs

– Documentation and information management

– Specking and interaction with assembly houses for wire harnesses, cable assemblies, and enclosure build out

Respond to ““, stating your interest, qualifications and/or questions.  We plan to review these over the weekend and early next week, for a start mid next week.



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