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JOB: Front End Developer, Spies and Assassins


ROLE: Front-End Developer

SALARY: $70-90k





–   Expert in HTML

–   Expert in CSS

–   Expert in JavaScript

–   Experience building complex, modern web-interfaces using things like AJAX, SVG, Raphaël, CSS3, HTML 5, etc.

–   Familiarity with revision control systems (SVN, Git, CVS, and/or VSS) a plus

–   Experience with JIRA a plus

–   Knowledge of Ruby on Rails, Java, .NET, PHP, or C++ a plus

–   Knowledge of MySQL, SQL Server, or Oracle a plus

–   Excellent collaborator

–   Strong verbal and written communicator

–   Agency experience a plus




Spies & Assassins is a creative technology shop.  We make stuff.  Useful and interesting technology stuff for web, mobile, social, and in-store.  We build apps, platforms, APIs and, sometimes, even physical products — for brands, for agencies, for consumers and for ourselves.

We’re into the cloud, location-based services, spreadablity, co-creation, 3D-projection, mash-ups, RFID, 3D-printing, data visualization, micro-broadcasting, robots, beautiful design, intuitive interfaces and the gameification of life.

Spies is a joint venture between MDC Partners and kirshenbaum bond senecal + partners and was founded in early 2010 by Ed Brojerdi (Chief Creative Technologist, kbs+p), Faris Yakob (Chief Innovation Officer, MDC Partners), and Matt Powell (Executive Director of Creative Technology, kbs+p).

“Spies & Assassins has been incredibly liberating for us,” says Brojerdi. “For the first time, we aren’t exclusively working against a client brief. We’re inventing products for ourselves. Each new product has the potential to be a stand-alone micro-business. If it makes sense to pair up with a brand, we can go that route. If not, we’ll market products we make directly to consumers ourselves.”

Current S&A clients include PUMA, Georgio Armani, BMW and Capital One.

Contact:  Jennifer Adler <>