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JOB: PhD and MS position at the University of New Hampshire exploring in-car human-computer interaction

PhD and MS position at the University of New Hampshire exploring in-car human-computer interaction

A PhD and an MS position are available in the Project54 lab at the University of New Hampshire. Successful applicants will explore human-computer interaction in vehicles.

The Project54 lab ( is part of the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at UNH. The lab was created in 1999 in partnership with the New Hampshire Department of Safety to improve technology for New Hampshire law enforcement. Project54’s in-car system integrates electronic devices in police cruisers into a single voice-activated system. Project54 also integrates cruisers into agency-wide communication networks. The Project54 system has been deployed in over 1000 vehicles in New Hampshire in over 180 state and local law enforcement agencies.

Research focus

Both the PhD and the MS student will focus on the relationship between various in-car user interface characteristics and the cognitive load of interacting with these interfaces, with the goal of designing interfaces that do not significantly increase driver workload. Work will involve developing techniques to estimate cognitive load using performance measures (such as the variance of lane position), physiological measures (such as changes in pupil diameter) and subjective measures (such as the NASA-TLX questionnaire).

The work will utilize experiments in Project54’s world-class driving simulator laboratory which is equipped with two research driving simulators, three eye trackers and a physiological data logger. Laboratory experiments will be complemented by field deployments in law enforcement agencies such as the New Hampshire State Police, which operates over 300 police cruisers. Project54 has deployed a state-wide data update infrastructure for the New Hampshire State Police which allows remote updates to in-car experimental software and remote collection of experimental data.


The PhD student will be appointed for four years, and the MS student for two years. Initial appointments will be for one year, starting between June and September 2011. Continuation of funding will be dependent on satisfactory performance. Appointments will be a combination of research and teaching assistantships. Compensation will include tuition, fees, health insurance and academic year and summer stipend.

How to apply

For application instructions, and for general information, email Andrew Kun, Project54 Principal Investigator at Please attach a current CV.