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JOB: UX Lead/Director, through a recruiter

UX LEAD / DIRECTOR (“Fulltime UX Hire #1”)



For irreverent, ground-breaking agency

This role is a *real* doozy and a fantastic opportunity for a UXer who

wants to get in on the ground floor at an award-winning agency,

evangelize and build the UX practice, and do great hands-on work from

a conceptual/creative and tactical POV.

This award-winning, integrated, marketing/campaign-oriented firm with

a slew of awards and a killer reputation (and some nice nonprofit/

green clients too) is looking for their first fulltime UX hire.

They’ve worked with UX freelancers before, and as their digital

offerings and reputation continues to grow, they are formally building

out their UX department, and are looking for that one woman or man to

be its Founder and run with it!


* Marketing agency experience required

* 7-9+ years experience; looking for current Lead or Director level


* Looking for someone with proven campaign/marketing experience and a

creative, conceptual mind. If you’ve got heavy-duty, transactional UX

chops in addition to marketing, that’s OK, but if that’s all you’ve

got, it’s probably not the best fit.

* Must be OK with being 100% tactical, at least at first. Over time,

you’ll be tasked with growing the department and leading it, so prior

management experience is required. Entrepreneurial / department-

building experience is a huge plus!

* Evangelize. You must have the ability + desire to communicate with

traditional (print, broadcast) teams effectively and collaboratively.

The company is open + welcoming to adding UX as a proper discipline,

and they’ve worked with UX freelancers regularly, so you’re not

talking to a hostile audience, but you’ve got to be able to evangelize

UX as a practice, be able to bring best UX process + practice to the

table, and guide the way. It’s a proactive, “Here’s the best way to do

this and here’s what I recommend we do now” type of role, not a “What

do you want me to do?” role.

* Mac shop (CS3, Omnigraffle)

* Very client facing. You will be *the* UX representative at pitches,

meetings, etc. Ability to upsell and partner with clients is crucial.

* Experience working on projects with multiple media touchpoints (web,

mobile, kiosk, billboard, print, broadcast, video, etc) is required

TO APPLY, email resume, portfolio/samples, and salary range to:

joanne (at) joanneweavergroup (dot) com