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[Job] Design Positions in Telefonica I+D (Spain) – Visual Designer

Visual Designer

Work place: Madrid

Direction: User Experience

Deadline for application: March 18, 2011


Designers and researchers work in collaborative teams with project leads, strategists, engineers and domain experts to generate innovative concepts and solutions for multiple screens: TV, PC, mobile and more.

For some projects, Visual Designer will collaborate with researchers on generating insights, participating in ideation sessions with interdisciplinary teams, and capturing product ideas via storyboards and sketches.

The individual will need to be able to illustrate concepts in real time using narrative, sketches, and prototypes. They will need to be able to generate multiple visual directions and languages for a product or service idea, collaborating with the interaction designer and project lead to find the optimal brand expression. They need to work within Global UX guidelines while also expressing the product experience.

Once a product or service is in development, the individual needs to work closely with the engineering team to generate appropriate guidelines, assets, and ensure quality of implementation.

The Visual Designer will generate video concept clips and animations to explain a concept story. They need to participate in, shares and learns from global UX community and contribute to Telefonica’s Global UX initiatives.


  • Collaborates with researchers and interaction designers to understand purpose, function and meaning that need to be communicated via the visual design.
  • Communicate, document, and represent product concepts, user scenarios and visual designs to team members, senior management and key stakeholders.
  • Create more than one design direction for specific product solution, and work through design language in detail. Create guidelines and specifications.
  • Creates estimates of schedules, work plans and deliverables for projects, communicates issues and risks
  • Applies and advocates design principles and iterative design processes (e.g. brainstorming, storyboarding, mood boards, motion studies).
  • Successfully delivers designs and challenges limitations of what can be executed
  • Creates interactive prototypes that convey the intention of the design.
  • Proficient in relevant basic design tools for mock-ups and prototypes (e.g. HTML, Creative Suite, Flash, DHTML… JavaScript and CSS) with expertise in the most important tools for their team; coaches others in the use of the tools
  • Gathers and applies internal and external customer feedback as needed throughout the process
  • Understands and applies formal user research findings and recommendations throughout the visual design process
  • Facilitates discussions and work sessions with interdisciplinary teams, including using real-time drawing, diagramming and sketching tools to focus and resolve discussions
  • Support several projects in parallel; organize and manage assignments in a dynamic environment.
  • Work closely with engineering teams in an Agile framework to bring implement optimally performing graphics across multiple screens.
  • Shares relevant design and industry trends with colleagues and teams
  • Mentors less experienced designers and colleagues




  • Experience designing for different input technologies and user environments, including key three screens: Mobile, PC, TV.
  • Experience working in interdisciplinary teams across the definition through implementation cycles.
  • Solid knowledge of graphic technologies, tools, platform constraints
  • Interaction design sense and understanding how visual language and visual hierarchy contributes to the experience
  • Prototyping skills
  • Ability to think beyond the static visuals to temporal expressions
  • Experience working in a rapid application development environment
  • Knowledge of Adobe Suite, Flash, DHTML, CSS, Ajax, etc.
  • Verbal and written communication skills with attention to detail
  • Team player and highly collaborative in approach
  • BA/BS degree in Communication Design, Product Design, Architecture, or equivalent.

*Portfolio review required

Lucía Hurtado
Desarrollo RRHH
Distrito C – Edificio Oeste 1 – 4ª planta
Ronda de la Comunicación s/n
28050 Madrid – España
Tlfno. +34 91 4832639