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JOB: Looking for PHP/MySQL expertise

Looking for PHP/MySQL expertise
Site is being created with Yii framework
Databases/web architecture has been created, maybe a few adjustments needed. But this is an “Events” site – basic things like time, location, map, desc-ription of event have been carefully thought out and we have a page of how these things should be implemented.

Each event needs to be posted on the site, and users need to request to join the event. Organizer gets to choose who joins the event. After the event, each party reviews each other, similar to Many add-ons after this which help strengthen the trust of the website.

Need someone to work with my friend Will who is unable to commit fully in the next month or two due to family emergencies. If we feel you are someone good to work with (trustworthy, reliable, effective, and able to communicate ideas with us and understand our ideas), then we’ll consider equity stake among the four of us. Initial payment willing to pay $1-2K, subject to agreement with partners.

We are
1) Columbia CS 7yrs experience
2) Two stanford brothers with business experience, one profitable startup

If you are interested or know of anyone , please contact Peter. Email :