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JOB: imup4 Lead Engineer

Lead Engineer – ImUp4

ImUp4, an early stage startup that intelligently helps you make plans with your friends, is looking for a lead engineer and engineering and design staff, ideally based in New York City. Currently on the app store and on the web, ImUp4 has been featured on CNN, Mashable and the Huffington Post, among others.
We want someone who is excited about the challenge of synthesizing the information available on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and other sites to recommend to our users what they should be doing — and who they should be doing it with — in an intelligent and highly relevant way. We’re talking about pulling together natural language processing, future check-ins, and behavior prediction algorithms to create something completely new and original. We have a solid product for you to work with right now, and we know where we want to take it — but we don’t care how you take it there.
We’re looking for talented people who want to solve a really challenging problem of aggregating data from external sources and parsing plain language to “calenderize” people’s intentions.  Java skills are a plus as well as iOS development experience, but we’re willing to offer a lot of freedom to work in a language that our engineer feels comfortable in.
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Shawn Pelsinger

President for Strategy, Innovation, and Outreach | imup4
646.719.0579 FacebookTwitter Google Talk/shawnpelsingerAIM/skirby719Skype/skirby719