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[JOB] Architect/engineer/ wind dynamic analyst

From ITP Alumna Maia


Architect/engineer/ wind dynamic analyst need to work on Wind Playground a kinetic sculpture set to be build in 2012 in Governors Island.

Wind Playground and was recently awarded a Grant by the Black Rock Art Foundation and is a kinetic sculpture that allows people to play with and understand wind. Using sail making design Wind Playground funnels wind into a maze of tunnels creating wind microcosms. Visitors can play, climb, and slide in the sculpture experiencing the thrill of being blown away by the wind.


Candidate will help me to redefine and test the current design and should be familiar with 3D modeling and wind simulation software.


If you are interested please contact me off the list at

Here is a link to the project website



Thank you





Maia Anthea Marinelli
+ 1 646 221 2611



Interactive Design / New Media