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JOB: Junior/Mid Level Developer @The Science Project

From: Mohit SantRam <>

Hello List.

We’re looking for a solid Junior/Mid Level Developer.  Great place to work – pls contact me OFF LIST if you are interested.  include your resume & portfolio links



Junior Developer

The Science Project is looking for enthusiastic, detail oriented software engineers to join our team. As part of this team, you will be contributing to architecting, building, and troubleshooting cutting-edge web applications and software.

We need dedicated and meticulous engineers that take great pride in delivering only the highest quality work. As part of our team, you must be a fluent coder with a strong understanding of OOP and design patterns. You also must possess strong analytical and troubleshooting skills. Great communication with your fellow team members is essential.


·       Great organization, flexibility, and communication are often the key to everything…having them or the desire to improve yours is mandatory here!
·       Ability to be a positive change agent goes hand in hand!
·       Strong analytical and problem-solving skills keeps it in the company name
·       Bachelors Degree in Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent education
Django Web Developer qualifications


•               Fluency in Python and Django
•               Ability to hand-code HTML tableless layouts styled with CSS
•               Familiarity withjava_script and Ajax (JQuery)
•               Experience using version control systems (Git)
•               Experience working with relational databases (PostgreSQL)
•               Ability to follow PEP8 and Django coding standards

•               Comfortable with Linux systems (Ubuntu)
•               Knowledgeable of web standards
•               An understanding of server setup and deployment strategies
Prior experience working with web services and third-party API’s