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INTERN: Summer Internship Opportunity (unpaid) / NBC Universal / Oxygen Media

The intern will assist in the Technology/Development division of Oxygen Mediaís Digital department :

* Unpaid Summer Internship. ( Starting in May )
* 20 hours a week @ NBC Universal / Oxygen Media
* Reply to : for more information

We are looking for interns who are interested in the strategy and creation of innovative digital experiences including websites, web apps, mobile sites/apps, social network integrations. Interns should have knowledge and interest in a combination  of these languages Lamp/PHP, Mysql/Sql, Cocoa, C#/, Java, Html/Css/Js (including understanding of libraries or frameworks such as Jquery, Mootools,sc-riptactulous, Zend, Sympony, Cake), Objective C and/or As3/Flex. Familiarity with web performance, seo, DART, omniture, and/or uxd concepts is appreciated. Geeks, Techies, coders, mashup-artist, barcampers, hackers, internet-addicts and techwhizesÖ or those that aspire to such titles, need apply!
Marvin Mitchell
NBC Universal / Oxygen Media
Director of Technology