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Product Manager Intern at MyCityWay in New York, NY

About MyCityWay

MyCityWay is a fast growing social-mobile startup and the mobility services for BMWi.
MyCityWay is a real-time, user-driven, location-aware urban reference app for mobile devices. MyCityWay is designed to help navigate and explore the world’s cities, like never before.
We make urban exploration apps for your iPhone / iPad / Android / Blackberry devices. True our spaceships are busy finding for water across planets in the in distant skies, but what is also true is that most have us find it tough to find a good pub across the concrete jungles of the city. We understand your problem. We help unclutter your city. We help you navigate your city with precision and explore and unearth life in every corner of your urban landscape.
Located in New York City’s vibrant West Village neighborhood, MyCityWay isn’t your average corporate HQ. Our comfortable loft style space is home to an enthusiastic team of passionate urban dwellers, who love the city as much as they love their smart phones. At MyCityWay, we work hard every day, but we love what we do.
We’re always looking for tech savvy, city dwelling, mobile enthusiasts to join this work-hard/party-hard environment. If you like late nights, roller coaster rides, and beer breaks, please introduce yourself. In addition to the standard stuff, tell us what makes you tick. What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? What cities would you love to explore? What’s the best tip for an urban vacation? We value personality over almost anything else, so express yourself!
Role at MyCityWay

MyCityWay ( seeks a Product Manager Intern to super charge the product for MyCityWay mobile apps. As a key member of the product team, your responsibilities would include creating a great user experience, determining which content is the most relevant and to what type of audience, and framing the voice of our apps – in turn positioning the brand.

In order to be successful in this role, you need to love mobile apps, city living and / or travel. It would be a big plus if you have lived in different cities and are normally approached by friends and family for recommendations on things to do and places to visit.

A Product Manager Intern is a multi-disciplinary team player – can quickly learn our company’s needs and culture, and take responsibility for leading qualitative, and usability-oriented customer research initiatives that assist our team in making critical design decisions regarding current and future MyCityWay products.

The ideal candidate is driven by the desire to be a customer advocate, and is passionate about gathering insights to create user experiences that are intuitive, satisfying, and easy to learn and interact with. This role is focused on customer-centered qualitative usability research combined with overall interaction design. Experience using social media within the location aware, mobile apps context is a must have.

As an Intern you’ll help guide the product vision, and will be responsible for adding new features to MyCityWay. You’ll be a part of the core team to decide the destiny of MyCityWay apps! Yes, its exciting!

Your responsibilities at MyCityWay
  • Recognize key changes in the ever-evolving mobile applications space
  • Quickly synthesize business objectives and customer needs
  • Develop a User Experience approach, schedule, and detailed test plan for a given product scope
  • Plan, script, facilitate, collect, analyze, and document usability data
  • Clearly communicate usability analysis and potential design solutions
  • Create channels for social media based customer feedback. Analyze these channels for key customer input.
  • Go getter attitude!
  • Thought leader in the Mobile Apps usability space – with awareness about existing best of breed use cases, and new ideas that simplify access to critical set of large location aware data and functionality sources
  • This is not just an interaction design role, but experience with interaction design principles, tools, and techniques is important both for communication with the internal team.
  • It would be a big plus if you have understanding of / experience with information architecture, wireframes, taxonomies, content strategy, prototype development, and visual design principles is important as a foundational element.
  • Experience with utilizing social media for product promotion, viral aspects, customer interaction, brand interaction, general feedback and other new opportunities
  • Solid understanding of user-experience design

What next?

An internship at MyCityWay requires at least 12 consecutive weeks of full-time work at our headquarters in the West Village, New York City.

To apply, send us your resume, and a short note on why you want to spend a few months with us at MyCityWay and what do you hope to get out of it.

Best Regards,

Sonpreet Bhatia
Co Founder –  MyCityWay