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[CALL] (Still) Seeking Videographers & Creative Media Makers CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT

Part of my job as a Skirball Education Associate is to keep the Skirball blog current. I’ve decided to turn the NYU Skirball blog into a multimedia platform that highlights the educational opportunities Skirball offers to complement our programming. So far, I’ve produced three such videos. I would like to produce at least five more by the time the season ends–ideally ten more. I am looking for people who can shoot clean video with a variety of shots (long/medium/close-up), shot angles and clean sound (which would require the use of a boom, lavalier and/or directional mic–as opposed to the on-board camera mic). I will edit the raw footage–unless one absolutely feels compelled to edit their own footage–and can do so on a tight turnaround.

Below is a link to the blog. Watching the videos will give you a sense of the aesthetic I’m looking for. The two most recent videos are closer to the type of photography I would like, which is fluid and immediate–ideally with excellent sound. The videography in the first video (Dan Zanes workshop) is what I would call a good start, but it is much, much further away from the quality of the work I eventually hope to present.

Many, many thanks for your time. Please feel free to respond with any questions/comments/concerns that you may have. The blog is linked below:

Also, the Education Department here at Skirball is running a contest that we think your students will find interesting. The grand prize is a gift certificate to the NYU Bookstore! Please read below for more info:



We are all of us Hamlet, or so is the premise of The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane in which Pan Pan Theatre plays fast and loose with Shakespeare’s famous drama.  Re-imagining the tragedy through the lens of the audition process, Pan Pan lets the audience choose who is to be — or not to be — Hamlet.


In Pan Pan’s creative spirit, we at the NYU Skirball Center are posing a question of our own: Who can convey Hamlet using the language and media of today?


The deal:  submit your written or performed REMIX version of Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” soliloquy by November 7th, 2011. We want to see some major multimedia creativity!  Use your best rhymes, native languages, photography and editing skills to make a rap, photo essay, poem, radio play to portray the angst of everyone’s favorite Melancholy Dane.  The most memorable mash-up wins 2 free tickets to Pan Pan’s The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane plus a SUPER AWESOME (trust us) grand prize from the NYU Bookstore!  The top three submissions will go on display in the Skirball Lobby before the show and also be posted on our blog !


Please email your text, image, or a link to your video submission to by November 7th with the title:  2011 Skirball “Playing the Dane” Contest. Be sure you include your name, phone number, age, school, and borough!

Send text as .doc or .docx files and photos/ images through Flickr, Photobucket, or Picasa.  For video submissions, we will only accept links to YouTube or Vimeo.

Please keep submissions under 3 minutes and appropriate for all ages.


Here’s a link to Shakespeare’s original version of Hamlet’s soliloquy in Act III Scene 2:,_or_not_to_be


The Rehearsal, Playing the Dane will run at the NYU Skirball Center November 10-13.  For performance times and ticket information, please visit


Ekene Okobi