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[INTERN] Paid interns with Dirt Empire

We are a creative agency located in downtown NYC composed of designers, animators, filmmakers and programmers.  We are composed of graduates from ITP, RISD, DXARTS and several other prominent design programs.  

We work with brands, bands and clients clients cross a broad range and we are gearing up to be a one-of-a-kind interactive agency based in the city.  We have just moved into a great new space and are looking to provide an opportunity for the multi-disciplinary ITP student a second environment to research and iterate through projects with real-world applications.

An example of our previous work:

Beyonce 2011 Billboard Award Interactive Performance

An example of some projects we are working on directly for clients at the moment:

• Projection mapping multiple large exterior venues in NYC

• Prototyping a 3D iPad game in Unreal

• Creating a digital campaign for large music properties

• LED sculpture/installation for concert tours

This is a paid internship ($13/hr). You will be exposed to the workflow of several different media pipelines including; music videos/film production, digital campaigns and app design.

For more information on our companies please check out our websites:

Dirt Empire

Dirt Empire on Vimeo

Kenzo Digital Media

Kenzo Digital on Vimeo
Please refer all inquiries to:

Shimpei Okamoto

Nicholas Rubin

Principal: Dirt Empire

Technical Director: Kenzo Digital