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INTERN: Aria Product and Operations Intern

Aria is seeking a dedicated and passionate intern who’s thrilled about using interactive technology to transform everyday spaces.

As a Product and Operations Intern, you’ll be integral to the day-to-day operations that will define the success of our first products with our first customers. You’ll be able to learn along with us as we build something new.

You might thrive in this role if you:

  • Have experience in an early stage company (<10 people).

  • Have experience working with interactive / immersive technology.

  • Are detail-oriented, incredibly reliable, and highly organized.

  • Are excited to get hands-on experience and mentorship while helping to build a company alongside the founding team.

About us.

We spend 90% of our lives indoors, with nearly half of that time in shared spaces like offices, restaurants, stores, and hotels. They’re spaces designed to please everyone, but instead of universal appeal, they offer a pervasive sameness. We can walk into similar brands anywhere in the world and hear the same music, see the same images, and have the same impersonal experience wherever we go. In the race to standardize, this sameness has made businesses instantly forgettable.

Aria’s vision is to transform these businesses from copy/paste spaces into data-driven immersive environments that adapt and respond to the people in them. Aria is a software tool that connects the disconnected sensory systems in brick-and-mortar businesses–music, lighting, signage, scent, and climate–to create a personalized environment that evolves over time using proprietary, predictive AI models that enhance the human experience and drive financial performance. We’ve already partnered with some of the world’s most prestigious retail and hospitality businesses to enhance their in-person environments. Now we’re looking to build our team.