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INTERN: Rockwell Group Creative Technology Intern

Position: Creative Technologist 

Level: Intern 

Discipline: Creative Technology 

Focus: Research & Development, Prototyping 

The LAB at Rockwell Group is a diverse team of designers, strategists, and creative technologists  creating spaces where our clients and their guests can truly reflect themselves.  

Through an inventive use of technology, the Creative Technology team imagines spaces that  transform, respond, and play. With a unique heritage in Hospitality and Drama, we invite  participation, acknowledge the individual, ignite surprise, reward curiosity, connect to the  collective to expand architecture’s capacity for storytelling and memory-making. 

Role Overview:  

The LAB at Rockwell Group is seeking a curious and innovative Research Intern to join our Creative  Technology Team.  

This opportunity is individuals passionate about shaping the future of interactive and  transformative spaces. The successful candidate will primarily be part of the studio’s research and  development efforts and supporting project work with a focus on the inventive application of  technology in architecture to create environments that are dynamic, interactive, and deep with  narrative.  

Areas of exploration include Machine Learning and AI, Extended Reality (MR, AR), Sustainable  Technologies, Kinetic Architecture, and Sensory Engagement. 

Qualities we are looking for: 

  • Innovative Thinking: You possess a natural curiosity and a creative mindset, always  looking for novel ways to integrate technology into architectural designs. 
  • Team Collaborator: While able to work independently, you thrive in a team environment,  contributing to and valuing the synergy of collaborative efforts. 
  • Technologically Savvy: A keen interest in and aptitude for cutting-edge technologies and  their potential applications in architecture and design. 
  • Research-Oriented: You are methodical and analytical in your approach to problem solving, with a strong inclination towards research and development.
  • Adaptable Learner: With the ability to quickly absorb and implement new information and  technologies, you’re comfortable navigating the rapidly evolving tech landscape. 


  • R&D Contribution: Actively participate in research and development projects across  multiple areas such as machine learning and AI, extended reality, sustainable technology,  kinetic architecture, and sensory engagement. 
  • Idea Generation: Propose innovative ideas and solutions that leverage technology to  enhance architectural design and user experience. 
  • Prototyping: Assist in the development and testing of prototypes, employing a hands-on  approach to validate concepts and refine designs. 
  • Collaborative Research: Work alongside the Creative Technology Team and cross disciplinary partners to conduct research, gather data, and analyze findings relevant to  project goals. 
  • Documentation: Document research processes, findings, and outcomes, contributing to  the studio’s knowledge base and supporting ongoing and future projects. 


  • Educational Background: Currently enrolled in or a recent graduate of a program in HCI, Design & Technology, Computer Science, Architecture, Engineering, Design, or a related  field with a focus on technology. 
  • Technical Proficiency: Demonstrated experience or strong interest in one or more of the  following areas: machine learning and AI, extended reality (MR, AR), sustainable tech,  kinetic architecture, or sensory engagement. Proficiency with tools such as TouchDesigner,  Unity, Unreal, Front-End Web Frameworks, Server Side programming, Network  communications schemes 
  • Creative Portfolio: A portfolio showcasing previous work or projects that highlight your  ability to innovate using design processes with technology. 
  • Communication Skills: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with the ability  to articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively through references, imagery, sketches,  diagrams, or written descriptions,  
  • Availability: Available to commit to a full-time internship for a minimum duration of 3  months. 

Please reach out to the LAB ( with a link to your Resume/CV and Selected  Work Samples. We look forward to hearing from you.