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INTERN: Unified Field Summer Interns

Unified Field is looking for summer interns with knowledge of:

Interface design and production skills

Respond to: “Eli Kuslansky”

More about Unified Field:
As leaders in interactive media design and development, we believe the fashioning of a better world has a lot to do with the vibrant exchange of culture and ideas. Unified Field understands your passion for conveying information because it’s something we share.

While immersing ourselves in the most advanced ways to articulate thoughts and emotions — and inventing a few along the way — we never lose sight of our core mission. We exist to partner with you to tell stories simply and engagingly, and to seamlessly create tangible experiences to excite your visitors and guests.

We create engaging, accessible environments which provide elegant pathways to data. In our hands, abstract concepts take the form of living art. Complex scientific data are the foundations for playful yet informative interactive experiences. A trove of artifacts becomes an easily accessible array of imagery supporting clear, concise content.

Unified Field does it all under one roof, with a rock-solid, industry-leading team — all while retaining a personal touch. Our principal inventors, designers and project managers work with you collaboratively, listening to ideas and making suggestions along the way. We can work from scratch or refine your plans to ensure they take shape in a manner that exceeds your audiences’ expectations.