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[TEACHING] Interactive Media Courses, New York City College of Technology


 The Entertainment Technology Department at New York City College of Technology seeks to find faculty to teach the following courses in the Emerging Media Program for Fall semester, 2012.  Classes begin on August  27, 2012.  Candidates must possess at least an appropriate baccalaureate degree and professional experience in the industry.  Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and c.v. to Dr David B.

Introduction to Interactive Media Design

An introduction to interactive multimedia technology with an emphasis on interdisciplinary, project based learning.  This is a survey course that introduces students to current examples of emerging media technologies and how they are being deployed.  2 hours lecture, 2 hours laboratory.

Introduction to Interactive Media Production

An introduction to applied principles and production methodologies in interactive media  development.  Students will work on simple hands-on projects to introduce them to best practice industry techniques.  2 hours lecture, 2 hours laboratory.

Media Tech Skills Lab 1

A hands-on laboratory class that introduces students to basic media authoring tools.  Taught at the same time as Introduction to Design and Production courses.  3 hours lab.

Media Design Foundation

Students learn how to use standard media authoring tools to, conceptualize and develop projects based on initial design concepts.  This is a second semester course, and students will have taken the two introductory courses listed above as prerequisites.  2 hours lecture, 2 hours lab

Interaction Design 1

Students are introduced to basic design theories and taught to develop design documentation.  Use of case studies, storyboards, state machine diagrams, and other design techniques.  A third semester course that requires Media Design Foundation.2 hours lecture, 2 hours lab