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[CALL / CONFERENCE] National Robotics Week (and Next Top Makers connection)

Briefly, the idea is to gather about 100 participants for a casual meetup of robotics talks and demos. We’re having 3 researchers talk about their work in 15 minute presentations, but the big draw is live demonstrations. Our hope is that local developers can show off their systems for the crowd during about 90 minutes of concurrent demos at various “pods” around the room and building.
The theme of the event is New Frontiers in Robotics: Extending the possible. It’s designed to show how machines are transcending simple automation, instead enhancing new capabilities and enabling discoveries.

If you are working on anything that might be a good fit, or know someone who is, we’re open to adding more demos. Should be a good time with a lively crowd, some innovative technology, and beer.

The basics:
What: Presentations and demonstrations of leading robotics R&D from New York City
Where: HUGE, Inc — 45 Main St, Suite 220, Brooklyn
When: Tuesday, April 9, 7-10pm (demos mostly from 7:30-8, and 9-10pm)
Why: To learn, to share, to show off homegrown robots that do what humans can’t


John Abrashkin
Honeybee Robotics Spacecraft Mechanisms Corporation
460 W. 34th Street, New York, NY 10001
(646) 459-7810 (office)