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[CONFERENCE] Come Open Source K12 Education at the EDesign Lab Hackathon

Come meet awesome people and focus your design and coding chops on compelling learning needs that re-imagine k12 education and make an impact.  

It’s our pleasure to announce the first ever EDesign LabHackathon to take place the weekend of June 1-2 

at the new Center for Social Innovation (in Chelsea).  

 Be a part of it!

We’re inviting developers and creative technologists to experiment, make, and show what a digital learning application could be — that might take the shape of a web app, a phone app, an interactive game, physical interface, a kinect hack.   A second track seeks to Open Source k12 education.

Share your makes with each other and a set of inventive judges. Compelling hacks and hackathon winners will have the opportunity to get educator feedback and a testing session/pilot in a school(s).  Other prizes to be announced.  

Unique to this hackathon, we’ll be sprinkling in playful ways to push creative energies along.  It will be fun.  There will be good people.  We will seed in ways of learning.  Join us!





About the Organizers

EDesign Lab is a nonprofit initiative to foster collaboration between technologists and teachers to design, prototype and incubate imaginative technologies that can promote and enhance new forms of digital learning experiences. Our lab teachers work in schools from Rockaway Beach to downtown Brooklyn and the South Bronx. Our lab technologists have worked for organizations such as the Huffington Post, Big Spaceship, RGA, and the Liberty Science Center, and also independently publish and exhibit their work everywhere from TechCrunch to NPR and the Museum of Modern Art.

New Visions for Public Schools is one of the largest education reform organizations and works in partnership with the NYC Department of Education to manage 73 public schools and 4 charter schools (serving over 40,000 students in all five boroughs).

Developers for Good is a community of technologists using their skills to make the world a better place. Through in-person meetups and the CodeMontage platform, we connect motivated developers of all skill levels with social entrepreneurs so together they can improve the world.

Code Montage is a platform providing coders the opportunity to improve their skills by improving the world. Our coders receive open source, social good challenges and develop visible professional portfolios while building capacity for humanitarian organizations.