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[CALL] TV Show Roles for Innovators, Giant Pirates Entertainment

Giant Pirates Entertainment is currently casting startup entrepreneurs, inventive developers and social marketing experts age 21-30, for three on-camera roles in a new television series.

With this show, we aim to demonstrate that the future of business does not need to come at the expense of old school “mom and pop” shops.

In each episode, a team of young innovators will focus on reigniting and inspiring one struggling, small business, in an effort to give it a chance of surviving in our modern world. *This is not a competition show or a docuseries about personal life*

If you are interested in potentially participating on this show email me and we’ll set a call to discuss details.


Thank you,



Cheyanne Dillenberger
Casting Producer
Giant Pirates Entertainment

3522 Hayden Ave
Culver City, CA 90232
Direct phone: (310) 606-8218