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[GIG] Local Ops Person, Scripto (of the Colbert Report)

Do you have an interest in TV production and/or experience wrangling rack servers? Would you like to have either of those things?

We are hiring a part-time local ops person for Scripto, a TV production software project based out of the Colbert Report. Scripto is Google Docs for teleprompters, a web app that runs locally at a TV show and accommodates an entire day’s workflow — from notes, to first drafts, to revisions and shooting rundowns, and ultimately to camera.

Scripto has been in development for three years, and in daily use at the Colbert Report for over a year now. We have a track record of hiring ITP students — Ben Turner compiled our in-house documentation over the course of an internship, and Mindy Tchieu began as an intern but ended up coding most our front-end as a contract programmer.

We’re now in the process of introducing Scripto to other shows. Your duties as an ops person would involve rack server setup, local troubleshooting, and training IT staff at client sites. You should have strong Linux system administration skills and an understanding of server networking basics and VPNs. Of course you use git all the time, and experience with node.js and docker are big pluses. Hours are flexible and the position carries a monthly stipend.

If interested, please contact Rob Dubbin at