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[CALL] Dream It. Code It. Win It

Dream It. Code It. Win It is a programming challenge – not a hackathon for high school and college students, organized by the MIT Club of New York, MIT Enterprise Forum of NYC, and Trading Screen. The goal is to reward “the creative aspects of a computer science education.” College teams can win monetary prizes ($20k, $15k, and $10k). High School teams can win iPads. A special prize for women. The submission is a video where the team explains the problem they set out to solve, their solution, and a demonstration of a live working product that solves the problem.  Submissions can be made here and the judging panel will meet in NYC on April 30th from 5pm to 9pm to select the winners. If you know a high school or college aged student – or parent of one – who likes to code, please let them know about this contest.


As a specialist in coaching innovators to tell stories with meaning about their innovations for diverse audiences, I’m pleased to see storytelling as a key element.  As a woman very much involved in helping women get funded (ASTIA) and to learn investing (37 Angels), that special prize for women means a lot.  As a loyal American and New Yorker, I believe we need to do a lot more to inspire and empower kids in math, science and technology.  As a long-time member of the NY Tech Council and its predecessor organization, I believe you’ll agree!

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A little personal press for the event:

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Fred Wilson covered it in his blog:]\
I find that college students usually need a little help from a parent or mentor or professor to get motivated.  The submission is a video – describing the problem they are solving and how their solution solves it with a short demo.  It doesn’t need to be more than 1 minute. They can even do it as a team – if one is better at coding and the other at storytelling then they should create a team and submit.  I am just trying to get the word out.

Parents, Professors, Mentors –  get the word out to College Students and motivate them to get their submissions in to win $20,000 (first prize)  $15,000 (second prize) $10,000 for 3rd prize.  There is a $5,000 Tekserve prize for the best submission by a woman and a $5K prize for innovation.

The submission is very easy compared to other contests and they can win lots of money!

  • The students can use a prior class project.
  • Students can make the submission as a team.
  • The goal is to identify a problem that the software solution will resolve and to explain how the creation will solve the problem.
  • The submission is a video presentation that can be as simple as a video of a slide show with a demo.
  • Clearly it is more important to focus on the storytelling.
  • Here is the form:

The competition is called ‘Dream it. Code it. Win it.’ and was launched by the MIT Club of NY, MIT Enterprise Forum and TradingScreen to encourage students or teams of students to ‘create’ with computer science – and we have raised $60,000 in cash and prizes for the winners.     We believe that encouraging kids to innovate or create with computer science is critical to their careers and the economy.


We have some amazing speakers lined up – and will let you know the location as soon as we have finalized – it will be in New York City on the evening of April 30th from 5-9pm.


Joi Ito – MIT Media Lab

Erik Nordlander – Head of Google Ventures

Mike Perlis – CEO Forbes

Jeanne Sullivan – Co-Founder and GP of Starvest Partners

Alex Diaz – Yahoo!
Philippe Buhannic – co-Founder and CEO of TradingScreen


We already launched the submission application page at
There is more information about the event on the MIT websites at:


some of the press for the event can be found at:
 We have a women’s prize: