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[CALL] Inspire Impact, by, Inspiring Capital

An Incubator-Fellowship program to Recruit, Train, and Manage MBA Fellows
To help Outstanding Social Ventures reach Scale and Sustainability

Social ventures, both not-for-profit and for-profit, require top talent to create the social and
environmental value they aspire to create. Luckily, many talented people, from Millennials to
seasoned professionals, are seeking personal fulfillment as well as opportunities to heal the world.
They recognize that applying their abilities and resources to support social ventures is a perfect
way to achieve both goals. However, a critical gap prevents the engagement of this talent: most
social ventures lack the financial and human resources to find and optimize the talent they need.

Inspiring Capital’s (IC) Inspire Impact program fills this gap by:
• Recruiting, training, managing, and mentoring MBA fellows,
• Harnessing complementary talent (of diverse ages and backgrounds), and
• Supporting social ventures to define, launch, and manage revenue-generating projects.

Benefits of Inspire Impact

MBA Fellows                                         –                                  Social Ventures                                  –                                  You
100 hours of training                        –                 32 hours of training for leaders                   –                 Be part of the solution!
~250 hours work experience         –                150-400 hours of talent onsite                      –         Apply your skills as a mentor
Oversight & support from IC         –                Revenue strategy & next steps                       –        Identify and shape young talent
Mentorship from professionals   –                       Online media coverage                                –        Learn about social innovations
Social enterprise career advice     –                  9 months of follow up with IC                       –             Engage your employees

All participants will enjoy productive and fun networking opportunities!

MBA Fellows will work with Inspiring Capital for 10 weeks, including one each of orientation and
wrap-up, and spend 2-3 days a week for eight weeks onsite with an II Venture. The workshops for
Fellows and Ventures will cover critical topics in social enterprise, including lean startup principles,
impact measurement, cause marketing, not-for-profit and impact investment fundraising, board
and volunteer engagement, social media marketing, and strategic networking.

Inspiring Capital bridges the worlds of social impact and business by applying an investor mindset to social
ventures’ revenue models and growth. IC helps donors to integrate their giving, whether money, time, or
other resources. For social ventures’ (not- or for-profit), Inspiring Capital helps optimize revenue and impact
models and then communicate the social and/or environmental value the ventures create. Inspiring Capital’s
approach of leveraging financial, human, and relational assets helps donors and their causes to achieve
maximum impact and financial sustainability.

The Inspiring Capital team is a critical success factor for Inspire Impact. We have Ivy League degrees
(including MBAs), over two decades of global experience in not-for-profits, microfinance, investing, and
entrepreneurship. Our broad and deep network of experts will support Inspire Impact fellows and ventures.

Nell Derick Debevoise
Founder and CEO, Inspiring Capital