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[CALL] ReD Associates Apprenticeship Program – deadline Nov 1 2014


Why do so many chronically ill people refuse to take the medicine they need?

How do you sell green solutions to people who don’t care about pollution?

How is technology changing how people work, relax or play?

…To help our clients answer questions like these, ReD Associates is looking for curious minds to join our

Copenhagen and New York offices.

ReD Associates is an innovation and strategy consultancy, helping global organizations solve some of

today’s hardest problems. Our international staff of anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers, political

scientists, and designers employ methods from social science and the humanities to study human behavior.

We develop deep insights into how and why customers make decisions by immersing ourselves in their

world, observing habits, practices and aspirations firsthand, and triangulating this data with quantitative

and industry sources. This allows us to see the world in more compassionate and complex ways—and to

identify new business opportunities for our clients.

An intensive, three-to-five-month experience, the ReD Apprentice Program is an opportunity to get to

know us and our work, and a rich learning experience for anyone at the beginning of their professional

career. In addition, it is the recruitment ground for new entry-level consultants and thus a launching pad

for a career at ReD or beyond. As part of the ReD Apprentice Program you will learn to apply social

science theories and methods to help international companies like Samsung, Adidas, Novo Nordisk or

LEGO overcome some of their biggest challenges. You will be an integral part of our project teams, and

your work will typically include qualitative and quantitative research, analysis and solution development.

You will be a part of our teams advising our clients on how to best serve their customers and grow their

business. We are committed to help you grow through a series of training modules, and by providing you

with continuous in-depth feedback from both colleagues and an assigned mentor. Our goal is to ensure that

after the ReD Apprentice Program, you are ready and motivated to make an impact as a consultant.

We seek exceptional students and recent graduates from all disciplines and backgrounds (undergraduate,

graduate, or PhD’s), with a demonstrable strength in social sciences such as Anthropology, Ethnography,

Sociology and Political Science. You will have an analytically sharp and empathic mind and a professional

work ethic that inspires and motivates people around you. You will be intellectually curious, have great

communication skills and be fluent in both written and oral English. In evaluating applications we

– An outstanding academic record

– Relevant experiences that highlight your skills as a problem solver, leader, thinker, innovator etc.

– International experience and language skills

– Previous experience with qualitative and/or quantitative research methods

We will begin accepting applications starting October1, 2014 for positions in New York and Copenhagen

for 2015. If you are selected for an apprenticeship, note that the office in which you are accepted, will be

the office you are considered for full-time employment. Applications are due by November 1, 2014.





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