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[JOB / TEACHING] After-School Programming Teacher for 12 Year Olds

Please contact Carl Haacke:

On 8/12/15 3:39 PM, Carl Haacke wrote:

I’ve been talking to a lot of teachers and students about deeper ways to engage kids in computer programming and science.

I have a group of kids that have been doing a computer programming class after school since last November. (2 of the kids are mine).  So far they’ve worked with data/stats a bit, made simple games, and a few other small projects in Javascript, Python, html/css.  They also worked on some robotics and electronics. They’re 12 years old, but very advanced, very fast learners and eager for more and can think way past what their age might imply to some people.

Some of them would like to go deeper into computer programming.

I’m looking ahead to the fall and thinking of ways of going further after-school with a deeper.

I’m looking for college age or grad students that might be interested in engaging with them in an ongoing way.  Might someone you know be interested in mentoring a group of eager young learners in computer programming?

I’d also be really interested in helping the kids visit real computer labs working on cutting edge research to give them exposure to the exciting frontier.